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Postkaart Station Racour


At the southernmost tip of the Hageland, neighbouring the fruit-growing region Haspengouw and directly located on the border of the two language communities (Dutch and French), you’ll find the former train station of Racour, which was built on the area of the city of Landen, belonging to the province Flemish Brabant.

The building of the train station Racour was restored with much love and care for detail. One part of the building serves now as a charming holiday flat. The former workshop of the station was recently rebuilt by the owners as a stylish loft with luxurious interior, promising an enjoyable stay for up to 5 guests.

Besides you can also stay in one of the two renovated M2 railway carriages, that are arranged as unique and comfortable train holiday flats. Upto six people can be a guest in such carriage.

As guest you are welcome to enjoy the large garden and its surroundings. The enviroment suits both active and quiet people and is ideal for families with children. The old railroad passing by the station has been transformed in a walking and bicycle path, that connects to a larger network of hiking and cycling tracks.

The residents of the train station welcome you to this unique place on the border between the Flemish and the Walloon Region.