The train station

In the past a train station, now a holiday resort!

The train station of Racour was built by the Belgium government in 1907 along the railway no 147 (Landen- Tamines). Based on the Belgium tricolour, it was built in black, yellow and red bricks. The special feature of the train station is its position: while it was built on the area of the city of Landen, it did equally function as a train station for the village of Racour in Wallonia.

The building’s architecture is typical of train stations built during the years of 1900 and is classified into three parts.

The central block consists of the residential building with two floors, which was inhabited by the “garde- barrière” – a woman, who opened and closed the barrier manually.

In the two more low-ceiling wings on each side of the main building the waiting rooms, the counters, the sanitation and the workshop were situated.

When they stopped the train service on the railway no 147, the Belgium government sold the train station of Racour.

Since 1988 the present residents refurbished the entire building and they decided to designate it as listed monument.

Due to the rearrangement of the so called “RAVel”, a signposted biking paths network allows bikers and walkers to discover the beautiful region via the old road beds and to make a halt at the station building of Racour.

You’ll find the complete story of the railway no 147 and the history of the train station of Racour at this link.


1893 oude goederen wagon als eerste station
1907 Origineel gevelplan spoorzijde
1920 oude postkaart Station Racour
1938 Odile, Blanche en Marie Sterkendries, Hortense Hobin
1945 Georges Kempeneers voor de bascule
1946 Eduard Kempeneers en Georges Kempeneers en André Driessen
1952 Fernand Leroy en vrouw
1952 Fernand Leroy
1957 René Cloes met mama en broertje
1957 René Cloes
1965 Familie Kempeneers
1975 Titine voor het staion
1980 Ponderosa Henri Uyttebroek
2014 Gerenoveerd station met vakantiewoning en treinvakantiewoningen